Vitamin C protects the heart by lowering cholesterol

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The vitamin C is an ally of the heart, it protects it. In addition, it combats cardiovascular disease through the reduction of certain risk factors, such as bad cholesterol or LDL explained in depth on this website. Thus, the daily intake of vitamin C prevents the development of heart disease.

The vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid is a vitamin that has special characteristics.

– It is sensitive to heat, light and oxygen presence.
– It is absorbed in the intestine and reaches its maximum concentration at 2 hours, after its use.
– The body absorbs up to 60 mg, the rest is excreted in urine.

These special features allow vitamin C fight cardiovascular disease.

How does Vitamin C protect the heart by lowering cholesterol?

– It increases hepatic synthesis of HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol.
– It inhibits the formation of bad cholesterol or LDL, favoring the formation of bile salts.
– It decreases the oxidation of fats, avoiding atheroma formation that obstructs arteries.
– It strengthens the walls of capillaries.
– Consuming vitamin C reduces the amount of fibrinogen (a substance that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease).

Through these properties, vitamin C fight cardiovascular disease, and significantly reducing risk factors such as hypercholesterolemia and high blood pressure.

Remember that a full and healthy eating is a natural shield against metabolic diseases that induce cardiac complications.

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