What Causes Weight Gain

foods that cause weight gain

One does not get obese or gain weight suddenly, but unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits is a gradual process that is often noticed too late. You do not need a lot of food in order to achieve a positive calorie balance, which ultimately leads to weight gain. There are many high-calorie foods on the market that contain some hidden fats and sugars. Even at normal serving sizes, they add many calories that can make you quickly exceed the daily requirement. Stress, health problems and lack of time to do the rest and induce to fast food and ready meals, unnecessary snacking and unhealthy snacks.

But not only fat makes you fat. The fat deposit in the human body is made up of the body energy supplied both from fat, as well as of protein and carbohydrates (sugars) that have been converted into fat. There is a difference between healthy and low-calorie foods. Even those who feeds seemingly healthy can be fat. If you take too many total calories and then moves too little, you should not be surprised if the pointer deflects to the scales in the wrong direction.

To lose weight, calorie intake must be less than the calories burned. When you do not take into account your personal daily calorie requirements and the nutritional values of each food, it is easy to lose track. It is so much easier to feed on consciously and enough exercise to counteract weight gain. Because losing weight againĀ is a mammoth task.